Workflow Recommendations

Guiding Principles (All Settings)

  • Identify the most appropriate staff members to support the task and aid the providers.
  • Document your referrals (for quality care and quality incentive programs)
  • Use patient education materials to help patients consider the decision

For more detailed tips, view our Workflow Recommendations and Generic Implementation Plan (healthcare facilities).

For Hospitals

The best time to refer patients is earlier in their hospital stay. This may work since hospitalized patients:

  • Are temporarily in a smoke-free environment and out of their normal routine (some regular triggers are absent)
  • May be more motivated given their condition, particularly if they are told that smoking hinders bone/wound healing and makes certain conditions worse.

For Physician Offices

  • Check patient tobacco use at every visit, and refer patients to QUiTWORKS-RI when they want to quit or need help avoiding relapse.

For Employers and Labor Organizations

  • If your worksite has an on-site clinician (e.g.¬†wellness manager, EAP, nurse), partner with the Rhode Island Department of Health to implement QUiTWORKS-RI
  • Distribute information about QUiTWORKS-RI to employees
  • Create an environment that is conducive to quitting and that supports smokers’ quit attempts